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“We’ve already seen them very fractured at times and yet there’s some sort of compulsion that they have for one another. And not just Reddington’s feelings for her but also her feelings for him. And to me that’s one of the most fascinating things besides the fun to be had on the show. In terms of the emotional center of the show. This man has brought nothing but fire and brimstone and danger and peril into her life but for some reason she is enormously compelled by him. Even if he is incredibly frustrating, even if it goes against all of her intuitions, there’s this sort of counter-intuitive feeling that she has that still continues. When she has no place to go, she often shows up on his doorstep. And I think in a strange way, the more important relationship will be their present relationship.” — James Spader on Liz and Red’s relationship [full quote]

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